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Having completed  numerous musical studies including Joseph Schillinger's System of Musical Composition, George could not wait to put into practise those learnt skills. In his early days he gained experience by progressing through a critical apprentceship with players that he looked up to as icons of their time. Progressively gravitating towards becoming an in-demand session/recording musician, this inevitably led to his touring with some of the most creative international artistes (see biog). 

It was natural that as the journey evolved it led George to becoming a noted Orchestrator, Composer and producer. Within those skill George Bruno was in a position to "rub shoulders" with many creative musicians that have since become friends and collaborators in many of his projects.

A very different and challenging musical proposal was presented to George by Australia's most eminent ventriloquist, Chris Kirby.  One of the few Aussie entertainers who made it in the USA, having appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and on Vegas dates. Chris was also a talented writer who wrote scripts for a number of Australian TV shows and other movies.


Chris Kirby put to George and idea based on a monologue based facts surrounding the history of what is now recognized as "Edmund's Wall".

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