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Future History Cover 1.jpg


A lyrical, satirical, slightly political songwriter with a distinctive style and a sultry voice. A mix of rock, pop and blues. Ana Key is a unique theatrical performer, combining music with a larger than life presence. She sometimes reminds us of Chrissie Amphlette, or perhaps it’s Blondie or Nina Hagen? And yet, she’s really just Ana Key, tipping the edge, pushing the boundaries, involving us through musical stories, intelligent and funny lyrics, simple yet sensational musical grooves, and a performance style that involves audience participation and inclusion. You’ll want to sing along to lyrics you’ve never heard before!

Ana Key has 5 albums - ‘F’, ‘NO ORDINARY DAY,’ ‘KEEP PLAYING’, and ‘FAMOUS IN MY KITCHEN’ - produced by Davis Jade Sparx at Unison Studios. Her latest album, 'FUTURE HISTORY – Co-produced with sound engineer Stewart Havill of Dogstar Productions and George Bruno of SQUEEZE RECORDS. 

Her song ‘WINTER’ (Keep Playing), won a SCALA AWARD, and 'BREATH (Famous in My Kitchen) was also a winner for Clubjumpers USA.


Her band the UNDERDOGS, comprising of OLE NIELSEN – guitar, KEITH JOLIFFE – Bass and STEVE DEAKIN – Drums add another dimension to her live shows. Creating a superb backdrop for her music. Ana Key is presently recording a new album with her band.  Listen to Ana Key’s songs and see for yourself. 

Having started her career as an actor, Ana Key has always included music in all her artistic endeavours. Being an accomplished actor the desire to create soon extended into becoming a playwright. Her music is not the usual center-field stuff, more like "IN YOUR FACE STUFF" than that. 


famous in my kitchen

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